Sharingthe comfort of nature,
It all began with the farmer Lee Ki-seon, who kept up the constant challenge for us to live harmonious lives.

The value of Good F&B is found in nature, and in having a win-win spirit.
The goal was to produce high-quality farm products while conserving the environment at a good farm we put together ourselves. This meant bringing pesticides, chemical fertilizers and synthetic chemicals to a minimum or not using them at all, and from this effort to form healthy soil to increase the habitat of microorganisms and earthworms, leading to production of safer, more sugary, high-quality and environmentally friendly farm products.

The beginning of this concept of 'good' came from the desire to create harmony between ourselves, our families and our neighbors, and for all of us to share this good energy.
This concept of "good energy, good thoughts, and goodness" is put into our products based on the values of LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) for sustainability of the global environment. We are looking to harmonize a healthy symbiosis between nature and people, and between people and people in our daily lives.

Good F&B is a corporation that continues to grow, but with principles that remain unchanged.
This is the principle for food that's right. Based on the motto of "from the farm to the table", it takes nature as is in order to provide food that's right, where to prevent product degeneration we use the principle of a minimum of additives while displaying the raw materials and nutritional ingredients on what we make. Also, with agricultural product traceability management we guarantee our agricultural products, using a safety management system to take strict responsibility of the process from production to sales with facilities trusted both at home and abroad through certifications such as organic processed food certification, 6th industry certification, ISO22000 certification, and HACCP certification.

  • What’s right

    We pass on the fertility of nature.

    We convey honest food that the
    family can eat with confidence based on the belief that using the right materials leads to safe food.

  • Passing it on

    Nature as it is is what brings health.

    The combination of honest and right
    materials and GOOD F&B technology lets us
    pass on reliable healthy value to our customers.

  • Growing

    Sharing healthy values and leaping forward together.

    We share healthy values through the right sharing between customers and producers, and use the rich fertility of a spirit of coexistence to grow the fruits of happiness.

Our history

  • 2019

    Selected as Small yet Strong SME
  • 2015

    Begin R&D projects
  • 2012

    Begin overseas exports
  • 2008

    Begin organic food business
  • 2006

    Begin Good F&B foundation
    school dessert drink service
  • 2003

    Urban-rural exchange program operation
  • 1997

    Joined Korea Organic Farming Association
  • 1993

    Designation of ‘Good F&B’ name


87, Iseulchon-gil, Noan-myeon, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea

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