Value system

We're Good F&B, a company that works for safe food.
  • Good F&B

  • Our promise and
    the trust in
    keeping our code

    #Promise #Belief #Trust

    We uphold and respect our promises to our customers, producers and partners. We conduct our business in a fair manner and protect the trust of all our stakeholders.

  • Honesty to
    deliver nature as it is

    #Right_food #Ethical #Honest

    We trade fairly and ethically to produce safe foods with thorough verification from production to harvest in accordance with the principle of the right food from farm to table.

  • A win-win attitude
    for coexistence of
    the present and future

    #Society #Coexistence #Win-win

    We base ourselves on the LOHAS principle, a lifestyle that thinks about one's own health along with the sustainability of the global environment. Furthermore, we aim to keep researching and developing to continually provide healthy food that makes a strong impression on our customers and works with our farmers.