Our research efforts for our products continue without fail.
Recipe development
310 drink recipes + 40 water jelly recipes + 4 red ginseng drinks
Patent applications
Development of pear healthy functional drink + pear extract diet material


  • 2013
    Research institute
  • 2014
    Red ginseng & Alium hookeri
    high value-added
    drink development
  • 2015
    Omija blood pressure
    care drink development
  • 2016
    Development of food
    ingredients using fallen
    and immature fruits
  • 2017
    Diet functional
    drink development
    (green tea, burdock)
  • 2018
    Development of functional
    food using natural flavor
    (lemon, citrus, orange, pear)

We do our utmost to provide our customers
with healthy food by using endless R&D and
new product technology development to
improve product taste and quality


Good F&B holds a variety of patents and trademarks through voluntary knowledge creation and research activities.
― 16 other patents and trademark intellectual properties held under application ―